The need for intelligent decision-making has never been greater. I help bring integrity to your data and information in order to support good decision-making.

After a 34-year career in public health in Toronto, I chose to retire and spend more time gardening, reading books, and riding my bike. After some rest, re-grounding, and re-imagining, I decided to venture out in a new direction by offering the knowledge and experience that I gathered through my career and training.

My formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Law from Carleton University and a Master of Science in Epidemiology from the University of Toronto. I worked in a broad range of public health areas including population health status and epidemiology, environmental health, community development and emergency preparedness, serving in both middle and senior management roles including my last position as Associate Director of Surveillance and Epidemiology with Toronto Public Health (TPH).

I was fortunate to receive ongoing training and development during my career in a wide-range of areas including strategic and operational planning, performance measurement, and ethical conduct for research involving humans which I applied as an ethics and research reviewer at TPH. I was privileged to act as President of the Association of Public Health Epidemiologists in Ontario during its formative years and have provided leadership to a wide-range of committees, boards and projects seeking to advance public health practice and health equity in Toronto and Ontario.  

One of the great privileges of my career was to oversee many talented and skilled staff and to work with highly knowledgeable epidemiologists across the province who shared a common belief in the need for rigorous approaches to data collection, analysis, and information reporting in order to ensure that data spoke the truth. This kind of integrity was impactful and was the basis of my professional practice. I continue to bring this core value to my role as a consultant in epidemiology and public health.

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Epi INTEGRITY helps support evidence-based decision-making through sound practice in epidemiology.